Fire Access Box with Micro Switch and Knox Key Switch Option
  • All-in-one fire access box
  • Includes: access door with a hole for a standard or fire department padlock, interiour micro switch, knock out for Knox key switch, and standard cylinder lock
  • Two options for automatic gate access: 1) micro switch is activated when the padlock is removed and the front panel is opened, or 2) via Knox key switch

* fire department padlock and Knox switch not provided


Fire Access Box with Cable Release
  • Access doors on the front and the back include a hole for a standard or fire department padlock
  • Pull the interior T-handle to release the gate chain
    – T-handle is connected to a steel cable that runs from the fire box to the release mechanism
    – Release mechanism is located at the rear end of the gate chain


Emergency Vehicle Detector, 12VDC by Click2Enter
  • Gate access via scanner radio technology
  • Technology found in radio transmitters used by emergency vehicles and personnel
  • Variable activation range through programming
  • 12 VDC external power supply included
  • Units provided require programming by the installer


Siren Operated Sensor Emergency Vehicle Detector
Emergency vehicle access device.

  • gate access via siren “yelp” mode found on emergency vehicles
  • now even more selective about siren sounds
  • dual relay closures for use on dual gates
  • screw-less wire connections offer faster and easier installation


Strobeswitch Emergency Vehicle Detector
12-24 VDC by Tomar Electronics

  • Gate access via strobe emitters found on emergency vehicles
  • 600 ft. range
  • Digital frequency discrimination prevents interference
  • Includes strobeswitch and 12-24 VDC power module