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Exceeding Customer Expectations for Over 100 Years

We’re Taking Access Control Performance to New Heights

Picture this: It’s dark out, and you’re driving home from work. You stop at your community’s front gate and push the left button on your remote control. The gate swings open, you drive through, and continue toward your house. You pull in the driveway, push the right button on your remote control, and the garage door opens. You then push the middle button, and a lamp inside your house turns on, making it easier for you to find your way once you’re inside. Later that night, you’re in bed and can’t remember if you closed the garage door. Rather than getting up and going downstairs to check, you simply look at the garage door monitor plugged in beside your bed. The light is green, meaning the largest door to your home is closed, and you and your family are safe and secure.

Just as the above scene illustrates, we offer integrated access control solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as gated communities, apartments or office buildings, and single family homes. We design our products with the big picture in mind – to work well in conjunction together, or to work well on their own, as is often the case with our garage door openers.

In fact, not more than twenty years ago, the garage door opener was considered a luxury. A lot has changed in twenty years, and now most people consider them to be a necessity.

During those twenty years, LiftMaster® has played a vital role in building universal acceptance for this indispensable home appliance. And more importantly, we’re proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers.

Our Product Innovations Set Us Apart From the Competition
All the products we offer are designed to meet your access control and security needs. Our state-of-the-art garage door openers, commercial door operators, gate operators, telephone entry systems, and unique accessories will fit any lifestyle, providing consumers with the latest innovations in safety, quality, and security.

Every residential garage door opener model is equipped with The Protector System®, which projects an invisible light beam across the door opening. If anything interrupts the beam while the door is closing, The Protector System® automatically reverses the door before contact is made.

LiftMaster® has revolutionized the garage door opener industry several times over: with a drive belt made of polyurethane and molded with flexible steel cords, similar to a steel belted tire; with the introduction of the Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®), which provides smooth-running operation; with its flagship opener – the 3850 DC Motor Belt Drive with EverCharge® Standby Power – that continues to operate even when the power goes out; and with the 3595 3/4 HP Carriage House garage door opener, one of the only three professionally installed garage door openers with 3/4 HP strength, designed to lift even the heaviest garage doors.

But nothing shows our dedication to quality more than our leading role in the marketplace today. Since its introduction, the LiftMaster® brand has grown tremendously, as has its consumer brand recognition. And we continue reaching out to consumers with our national TV and radio advertising campaigns.

Our access control systems are the most secure in the industry. In addition to our patented PosiLock® system that ensures the door remains securely locked when it is closed, our openers – as well as all LiftMaster products – are equipped with Security+® rolling code technology. This means that a brand new security code is generated every time the opener is used, keeping your family, home, and belongings safe and secure.

And security doesn’t stop with our openers. Our remote controls and other accessories also feature Security+ rolling code technology, as well as other security features. Our control panels lock out all outside remote control signals while the owner is away, while our newest keyless entry system – the Fingerprint Keyless Entry (model 379LM-10) – grants garage access to only the 10 registered users by way of recognizing their unique fingerprint.